Postcard from SALTY : 001 Buddha & Pals Cafe

For city people who can't getaway so far on the weekend, there's nothing quite like spending much-needed downtime in a calming and good-looking cafe (now that we don't get to hang out outdoor much anymore. #smogalert).

Last Sunday, a 15-minute ride from city centre transported us back to the 'good old day'.

Situated in a quiet neighbourhood, this newly opened 'Buddha & Pals' cafe in an 80-year-old building offers you the perfect classic and calm down ambience for mental recharge.

After exploring the well-decorated scene, we sat facing out to Phadung Krung Kasem canal waiting for our sweet selections. Warmth from the sunlight at our window seat gave extra relaxation while we looked outside counting cars and birds and being content that there're more birds than cars.

Sometimes it's as simple as that to be happy for the moment.

SALTY babe wearing Siena Dress.

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