Postcard from SALTY : 002 JingJing Ice-cream Bar & Café

It is absolutely not acceptable to visit Chinatown once a year only to feast on Peking duck with the family on Chinese New Year when the neighbourhood has so much more to offer.

Grab your Hong Bao (we hope there’s still some left!) and let’s start out ‘cool’ at this ice cream parlour.

Just steps away from the busy main street, JingJing Ice-cream Bar & Café awaits with arrays of savoury flavours. We drooled over the classic Matcha Green Tea, Salted Caramel, and fruit sherbet, but getting boozy with liquor-infused scoops like Gin&Tonic or Kahlua Peanut Butter is not a bad idea at all.

Next year tell Grandma to skip almond puddings and head out here for a change!

SALTY babe wearing Poppy Jumpsuit.

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